I used to cry on my Momma and Daddy's shoulder but that is not an option any more so I'll have my wine here. Honey could you get me some cheese?

Monday, October 31, 2005

Anxious, again

I quess you can say I am a paranoid person. But last week I knew I was about to lose my job again. I was right. Of course at 5 till 5 Friday afternoon I was called into the office and told I was not a good insurance follow up person. Take into account they could not wait to hire me, so they hired me on the spot so I could get their Medicaid, Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield problems worked out. Which I did again and de ja vue it has happened all over again. These lousy managers and supervisiors get me in there to set up their insurance so claims can be processed and they come up with some lame reason to let me go. They should have hired me as a consultant and paid me the fair wages and that would have been that. Now, I am unemployed again. I am tired of the rat race. Turning 50 this year I am just too old to keep going thru this. I am going to get a no brainer job and then get started working for myself. I just want to tell all those employers who are corrupt and stupid to "Take this job and shove it". Any way say a prayer I find a job real soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ahhh...Now I want to stay home

Oh well we women are never happy. I wanted a job now I have a job. Now it is sooo hot here I wish I were home in my pool all day..oh well gotta make a living. I still have my weekends to enjoy the pool. I have been sick with a summer cold so it has been hard this week at working sick. It is all Ron's fault cause he passed it on to me. I really like my job and I am taking it one day at a time. I knew God would come thru for me, oh me of little faith. We both need a vacation, but next year will come soon enough. Hopefully we will have a real vacation. so anyone else out there like cheese with their wine? I love it....gotta go tired and ready for supper.

Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July

Well, here we are another fourth of July. As we celebrate our freedom here in the US, let us not forget the real reason for independance......Let us Pleade allegiance to the Lamb, as God blesses the nation whose Lord is God. That is why we celebrate. Jesus Christ loves us and guides us every day. I am grateful for God who has filled my heart with compassion for others and love for others so that I might be closer to God. I do love experiencing God. I have had a few dreams and visions in my life and there is no question for me what path to take. Let all of us remember this day in prayer for all our troops and that we are one nation under God. I know that is the only place to be....Joy, hope, trust and faith. Believing in what we cannot see, but what web can feel in our heart. God bless each you and let his will be done thru us.


Sunday, June 19, 2005


I hope all the dad's out there had a great father's day. I did send my Dad a card where he lives in VA. But since he doesn't talk to me at this time I hope he had a good one, too. Have you ever noticed your family always seems to be on your side when things are going good, but as soon as you have some unexpected turn of events they are right there to put you down. Well, my family is like that. Know what? They can call me long distance for awhile cause I will not be calling them for a while. But I still love them, they just need to think about it. Who else would be the black sheep.....Anyways...I had a great day relaxing, sending resumes by fax and learning how to use excel and power point. They are cool programs. Ya'll have a great one.


Thursday, June 16, 2005


I just love watching kittens. We have a new one about 4 or 5 weeks old. He? or She? is just a cute little thing. Leapy loves to climb up my birds cage trying to figure out what they are and why she wants to get to them. My kitten Pearl is 10 months old, she is black with a few white spots and Leapy is a tabby. Well, Pearl was really mad we brought this kitten home and attacked me for about a week. Then she figured out hey this is a pint size of me to play with. They chase each other around and are just plain cute and rambunctious. They have both lifted my spirits today and I feel a lot better. Now I can truly say this world is nuts and I am the only sane one!! ha,ha,ha.... Ain't life good? God is in total control of all things. That is one thing I know for sure. Anyway enough yakking and everyone has a blessed day.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Well, ya know it seems like on day you just know you are going to get a job you interviewed for because you used to work for the manager, but something always screws that up. And I am perturbed, aaaaaaaaalot. Especially since she gave me every indication that I had the job last Friday. I give up I am too old for this. I will be 50 in about six weeks and I quess my life will continue to go downhill from here. I think I'll just move back to Virginia and find a place to hide in the mountains and live off the land. Yeah, a woman with a messed up knee and broken foot...that would be funny. I am tired of Georgia and I am now looking to Charlotte, North Carolina. At least they have alot of job openings there. All my hopes are dashed and as you can tell I am in a deep depression. Any way on the good side. I do have my pool where I go and float around and relax and then I just got my new computer where I can go whine about things. I think this world is really messed up, and people are just full of bulloney. Ron is on his way to get my cheese, so everyone take it easy and know I have my hope and trust in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

God Bless,


Monday, June 06, 2005

Looking for a job

Well, I have been looking for a job since the middle of February. I have not found one. I was really upset last Friday but, I know God's timing is always perfect. Hey, he is giving me a paid vacation, getting my unemployment which runs out this month. Well, maybe Ron will have to support both of us for a while. Who knows, I sure don't. Say a prayer that both of us can find a great job....hahahaha. He is an expert in playing computer games. Too bad they don't have a job for him like that..hahahaha.....I am too old for this stuff.

oh well honey I'll have some cheese with my whine now.



I lost my pass word, uh well this is her hubby helping her restatr her blog. Even though she has a profile I wrote that two. Ulp. Never the less I give you a link to Starsplash and because this is for my wife I will also link to her.

Hon, don't forget your password Omega King Jesus (OK).